Q: Why should I use trade service with KBank China?

  • KASIKORNBANK received “Thailand Best Trade Finance Awards” for 3 consecutive years from the renowned international magazine,​​ “Global Finance” with the 30% market share in Thailand. The competitive advantages of the bank are innovative products development from customer insight, and the worldwide relationship with the financial institutions. In order to supports the trade between China, Thailand and ASEAN, KASIKORNBANK has established the new model of cooperation with the banks in China and ASEAN such as Oversea Chinese Banking Cooperation Bank (OCBC) in Singapore, Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Bank in Vietnam, Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) in Malaysia, etc.

    With the international standard trade finance practices and China - ASEAN trade specialization, KASIKORNBANK will assist the SMEs in developing trade finance transactions and providing financial supports.

Q: What Trade products / services can KBank China provide?

  • We can provide trade finance product /service for both exporters and importers as per the following:
    1. product for exporter
        - Service: inward remittance
    L/C Advising
    L/C Transfer
    Export Collection under B/C
    Export Collection under L/C
        - Funding: Packing Credit
    Export Bill Discount /Purchase with recourse
    Export Bill Discount /Purchase without recourse
    2. product for importer
        - Service: outward remittance
    L/C Issuance
    Import Payment under B/C
    ​Import Bill Payment under L/C
        - Funding: Trust receipt

Q: Which currency can KBank China provide?

  • We can provide trade product / service in RMB, THB, HKD and USD currency.

Q: What are the charge for each trade product / service?

  • The charge of trade products already published on our website.
    (for corporate customers)

    (for individual customers)

Q: How do we apply for Trade product / service with the Bank?

  • Customer can contact 0755-82291298. Our relationship manager team will contact you to provide more detail and propose solution that suits your business. If the customer will apply for our Trade product / service, the customer needs to open the account and sign Trade Master Agreement with us (except inward remittance and outward remittance). Besides, the customer needs to sign the application and submit related documents depending on each Trade product / service. Moreover, if the customer would like to apply for Trade credit product,​ the customer must have the credit line with us.

Q: Where can I find KBank’s announced deposit interest rate?

  • KBank China website for checking announced rate as below:

Q: What is the interest payment period for the current deposit?

  • The interest will be posted to customers’ account on 21st of the last month of each quarter.

Q: What is the benefit of Call deposit?

  • The call deposit is suitable for the customers who have a plan in advance regarding their own spending,​ but they don’t want to place the money for a long time. The customers who open the call deposit will receive the higher interest rate than the current deposit, but lower than the fixed deposit.

Q: If the customers want to withdraw and do not provide 7-day notification to KBank Branch prior to the deposit withdrawal date to the bank, what is the interest rate to be applied? Specify what type of deposit be like this.

  • The interest rate to be used is current interest rate on withdrawal day.

Q: If the customers have a partial early redemption, how is the interest be calculated?

  • Concerning to the early redemption amount, the interest will be calculated according to the current interest rate at the early redemption date. However,​ the leftover amount should not be less than the minimum amount of fixed deposit.

Q: What collateral type KBank Shenzhen can accept?

  • Several types of collateral are acceptable e.g.
    - Cash - margin deposit
    - Fixed asset e.g. Land Right Usage,​ building,​ factory
    - Machine
    - Account Receivable
    - Letter of Guarantee from other local & oversea banks according to SAFE regulations
    - Corporate Guarantee
    - Personal Guarantee
    ​- Commodity pledge (pls ask for more details)

Q: What is the interest lending rate with KBank Thailand if Chinese Corporate would like to invest in Thailand?

  • Normally we will quote the lending rate by currency
    THB lending: In Thailand, each bank will use MLR (Minimum Loan Rate) as benchmark rate. Pls note that each bank's MLR might be different. The final lending rate will be MLR plus spread depending on type of company strength, credit facilities, collateral, etc.
    KBank TH : MLR rate can be found at
    For foreign currency lending e.g. USD / RMB lending, KBank will use Libor + spread for USD lending and market rate for RMB ( quoted by transaction) The lending rate will depend on type of company strength, credit facilities,​ collateral, etc.

Q: What kind of oversea corporates can be able to transfer money in RMB currency to China Corporate?

  • All of Thai/oversea corporates can be able to transfer money in RMB currency to corporate in China for goods payment or services (cross border trade transaction with clear underlying)
    But if they want to transfer for other purposed (such as for investment), they need to ask for approval from China's government. (PBOC,​ MOFCOM)
    To avoid the fund rejected by recipient's bank, Chinese exporters who would like to receive RMB payment from oversea must submit required documents to the bank to help register the company name in RCPMIS before the 1st RMB transaction.

Q: Can Chinese importer use cross-border RMB settlement to pay their oversea supplier if the invoice is quoted in USD currency?

  • Although the invoice is quoted in USD,​ KBank can still help customer to process the RMB payment to oversea exporters

Q: Processing time of opening account with KBank SZ

  • - For Chinese individual, after branch received the correct and complete documents, account will be opened after SZ branch received and checked the correctness of the documents
    - For corporate that registered in China, after branch received the correct and complete set of required documents,​ processing time will be 3 working days
    - For corporate that registered outside China and foreign individual (open NRA account), after branch received the correct and complete set of required documents, processing time will be 7 working days (including approval process from PBOC and SAFE.

Q: What is SBLC?

  • SBLC is a document that KBank issued to commit a certain obligation to beneficiary, as a guarantee of contract fulfill. If it is a SBLC for contract of a project, once the party of the contract or the applicant of SBLC fails to fulfill the contract,​ KBank will pay instead according to the terms and conditions in the contract.

Q: Why customers need SBLC?

  • 1. With a bank guarantor, the beneficiary has more confidence. Once the applicant cannot fulfill the contract, the beneficiary still can get payment from the bank.
    2. Since SBLC by KBank can be world-wild accepted, customer gains more reliabilities in both financial and in business. .
    3. It is a substitution to collateral of cash, land of usage,​ bond and ect.

Q: What currency can customer issue SBLC?

  • We can issue SBLC in RMB and USD for customer.

Q: What is the qualification of the customer who would like to apply SBCL?

  • Corporate RA in China with clear transaction purpose

Q: How to get SBLC facility?

  • Contact RM,​ provide the customer profile and financial information plus pledge deposit with us.