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Personal Call deposit
Personal Call deposit

Personal Call deposit

  • Definition: Personal Call Deposit is one of deposit business in which individual customer places deposit into the bank without fixing the term, but fixing the notice term (1-day notice or 7-day notice) for withdrawal, withdrawal may be made by advance notice to the Bank in accordance with the fixed notice term that withdrawal date and amount are set forth.
  • Deposit Currency: USD
  • Term: RMB One-day call deposit, seven-day call deposit
    USD Seven-day call deposit

  • Interest Rate: Interest rate is calculated at relevant interest rate and based on actual initial deposit for interest calculation announced by the Bank on the withdrawal date.
  • Minimum Initial Deposit: RMB call deposit: RMB50,000 (only for foreign individual)
    RMB call deposit: RMB1 million (only for domestic individual)
    FX call deposit: USD8,000 or equivalent in foreign currency


Remark: We won’t provide RMB deposit service for Chinese local individual customer until further notice.

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