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  • Car Rental Loan Products of KBank

    Car rental loan of KBank is a consumer loan business which this loan is used to repay the borrower's car financial lease rent. At present, our bank only carries out the car lease business under the model that the financial lease company directly pays the vehicle financing funds to the car dealers or other vehicle sellers. The maximum loan amount of each client for car rental loan shall not exceed RMB 200,000, the loan tenor shall not exceed 3 years, and the equal monthly installment (EMI) shall be adopted. All loan businesses under the project are guaranteed by the financing guarantee company.

    1. Who can apply for car rental loan of KBank?

    a. The borrower is 21 years old or above and less than 60 years old (inclusive);

    b. The borrower has a stable legal source of income and the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan in full;

    c. The borrower is a Chinese resident with good credit;

    d. The financial leasing company designated by our bank already has financial leasing business.

    2. How to apply for car rental loan of KBank?

    a. The client and the financial leasing company designated by our bank shall firstly complete the financial leasing business.

    b. Submit the basic client information and sign the letter of authorization online to apply for car rental loan.

    c. Once the loan is approved, the fund can be released after the bank card binding, loan contract and relevant procedures are completed.

    3. How does the borrower of car rental loan repay to the bank (normal repayment)?

    When you sign a loan contract, you need to firstly bind the bank card. Our bank will automatically deduct fund on the repayment date from the bank card you bound during loan application. We suggested that your account should have the enough money one day before the repayment date of each month.

    4. Is prepayment allowed for car rental loan products?

    Our bank only allows one-time prepayment, so partial prepayment is not allowed. If you apply for prepayment with financial leasing company, our bank will send an SMS to you, and the client shall remit the total amount of prepayment to the account designated by our bank according to the content of the SMS.

  • What is structured deposit? 

    Structured deposit refers to the deposit embedded in financial derivatives, which is linked to an interest rate, exchange rate, index or the credit risk status of an entity. The depositor can obtain the corresponding revenue by bearing certain risks.

    For foreign exchange linked to KASIKORNBANK's series of structured deposits, the underlying observation is the spot exchange rate of the Euro against the USD. The investment period is between 1 week and 12 months and the starting amount is RMB 1 million. The fundraising targets are corporate clients. For more details, please refer to Corporate Services-Corporate Deposit Services-Structured Deposit.

  • How do I check the latest interest rate for RMB deposit?

    Please click "Service Pricing" on ( to search the latest interest rate for RMB deposit.

  • What is spot foreign exchange? 

    Spot foreign exchange refers to a type of foreign exchange trading business in which the buyer and the seller exchange two different currencies at the agreed exchange rate in the foreign exchange market and settle the amount within the specified trading days (T+0, T+1, T+2).

  • What are forwards?

    Forwards refers to a type of foreign exchange derivative in which the buyer and the seller exchange two different currencies at the agreed exchange rate in the foreign exchange market and settle the amount on or after the third trading day.

  • What are foreign exchange swaps?

    Foreign exchange swaps refer to a type of foreign exchange derivative that both parties agree to exchange a certain amount of currency B with currency A and conversely exchange the same amount of currency A with currency B at the agreed price on the agreed date. Foreign exchange swaps are generally regarded as a combination of foreign exchange spot and foreign exchange forwards (or two foreign exchange forwards).

  • What are derivatives?

    "Derivatives" refer to a financial contract whereby the value depends on one or more underlying assets or indexes (related to the following market factors: exchange rate, interest rate, credit, equity, bulk commodities, financial indexes and mutual funds). The basic types of contract include forwards, futures, swaps and options. Derivatives can also include a combination of basic contracts and structured financial instruments with one or more forwards, futures, swaps and options characteristics such as a structured deposit (S/D), a structured note or a structured loan.

  • What are the precautions for new IB clients?

    After receiving the password envelope and USBKey from our bank, please read the following instructions in detail:

    1. Please note that the password envelope and USBKey of the Internet Banking will be sent to your company separately. Please confirm that the password envelope and USBKey have been received well, and stamp your company's official seal and legal person seal of the confirmation letter and send it back to our bank. After receiving the confirmation letter, our bank will unfreeze your Internet Banking users, and then your users can log in and use our Internet Banking.

    2. After inserting the USBKey to enter the initial password, you will be prompted to change the password, the IE browser will automatically pop up and then log in the Internet Banking page.

    3. The initial password of USBKey is 88888888. Please change the password immediately when logging in for the first time and keep it in mind. The USBKey password will be completely locked if it is entered incorrectly for 6 consecutive times. You need to submit a paper application to Kasikornbank before you can unlock it. Please remember your password.

    4. The password of the password envelope is the login password of the Internet Banking page, and you will be forced to change the password after logging in for the first time. If the login password is entered incorrectly 5 consecutive times on the same day or it is entered incorrectly 10 times in total, it will be temporarily frozen. The enterprise administrator of your Internet Banking can unfreeze or reset the password. However, if the enterprise administrator enters the password incorrectly 10 times, it will be locked. He or she needs to submit a paper-based application to Kasikornbank before resetting the password. 

    5. When logging in to the webpage, please enter the login password and verification code within 60 seconds, or refresh it again to enter the verification code and submit it.

    6. Search Kasikornbank China in Baidu---go to the official website of our bank---download center to download the Internet Banking assistant. It is suggested that you install and test it with one click.

  • What are the repayment modes for online education loan? 

    You can transfer your money directly to the repayment card bound on the education loan page of Kasikornbank. It is suggested that your repayment account has enough money one day before the repayment date of each month.

  • How do I apply for online education loan? 

    You can follow the official account of Kasikornbank, click the education loan page at the bottom, enter the pop-up page, submit personal information online, apply for the loan and get the loan amount after the loan is approved online.

  • What is online education loan? 

    Online education loan refers to a personal credit loan granted for education and training courses or professional skill examinations by our bank for individual clients meeting credit extension conditions.

  • What is Better Me?

    Better Me of Kasikornbank helps everyone who is willing to make his or her dreams come true by means of personal loan. We provide clients with all-round financial and credit support to meet their demands such as car purchase and travel, training and education and casual tourism. We uphold the client-centric values and provide clients with considerate personal loan products and thoughtful services to help them become better!

  • Q: What kind of personal foreign currency saving businesses are available?

    A: Our personal foreign currency savings include current deposit, foreign currency term deposit and call deposit. Current deposit currently supports four currencies, namely USD/HKD/THB/JPY. Meanwhile, foreign currency term deposit and call deposit only support USD.

  • Q: What are the service fees for personal businesses? 

    A: For more details, please visit our official website: go to "Deposit and loan interest rates and service rates", then click "Service rates" to check the service fees for personal businesses, or dial 0755-88291298. If you are currently overseas or in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, please add the China phone code + 86 before dialing the above mentioned telephone number.

  • Q: How do I check the latest interest rate for personal RMB deposit?

    Please visit our official website ( and click "Deposit and loan interest rates and service rates" to check the latest interest rate for RMB deposit.