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Trade Finance

  • Export Invoice Financing

    Export Invoice Financing is a post shipment finance. The primary repayment source is from the buyer whose credit risk is acceptable to KBank, whilst we are always with recourse to customer. Buyer's acknowledgement, charge on the export invoice(s) under financed and control on export proceeds are normally required.

  • Export Bills Purchase under L/C (with or without recourse)

    KBank provides funding on with or without recourse basis to L/C sight beneficiary before KBank receive payment from issuing bank whereby

    - Issuing bank is KBank (either KBank TH or oversea branches/subsidiaries).

    - Issuing bank confirms that such documents are clean.

    - All L/C conditions are satisfied.

  • Export Bills Discounting under L/C (without recourse)

    KBank acts as the nominated collecting bank by the exporter sending the documents for collection under L/C provided that all terms and conditions have been complied with L/C (such L/C is usance L/C or L/C term).

    After Issuing Bank accepts export bill, exporter applies from KBank to provide bill discounting and get the payment instantly before due date of relevant bill(s).

  • Export Post – Shipment Finance

    This service is a short-term post-shipment credit catering to exporters for raw materials or product payment or working capital before receiving payment from an L/C-issuing bank or a buyer, with repayment term of up to 180 days.

    KBank provides the Post-shipment Finance as follows:

    1. Export Bills under L/C Purchased (with or without recourse)

    2. Export Bills under L/C Discounted (without recourse)

    3. Export Invoice Financing

  • Export Pre – Shipment Finance

    This is a short-term pre-shipment credit catering to exporters for ordering raw materials to support their productions or buying finished goods for export.

    KBank provides the Pre-shipment Finance as follows:

    1. Packing Credit under L/C

    2. Pre-Shipment Financing against Contract (B/C & T/T)