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  • Working life at KBank China & KBank Culture

    Core values: Customer at Heart, Agility, Collaboration and Innovativeness

    Customer at Heart – We pay attention to customers’ needs through observation, listening to their needs and inquire additional information until fully understanding them. We seek, collect, and analyze data systematically, and deliver solutions to create the greatest benefits for customers. Additionally, we develop and present products, services and channels that create an accessible, convenient and safe experience for customers. We communicate to create clear and precise understanding, as well as accepting feedback for continuous improvement; we take our customer’s goals as our priority. We provide services and deliver the best outcomes to support the success of customers, while retaining maximum benefits to the organization.

    Agility – We work transparently, we share necessary data regarding work with related parties straightforwardly, allowing for easy access to information, and enhancing work agility. We fully understand the goal. We are able to change quickly in response to changing situations, making decisions boldly, with timeliness, and are willing to take accountability for the results; we provide opportunities to express opinions and take actions freely. We are happy with others’ successes, and do not blame each other for failures but learn from them.

    Collaboration – We trust each other and stay true to our own words. We treat others equally, sincerely, and with respect. We are accountable for the same common organization and team’s goals. We aim for excellent results and maximum benefits to the organization. We use our own strengths to support our team in achieving its objectives. We listen to and accept opinions of others. We are willing to be questioned and try our best to provide answers. We share information, knowledge and take responsibility for relevant information as if we are the owner.

    Innovativeness – We think differently and innovatively. We are able to stay abreast of new technologies and constantly seek new possibilities. We dare to do things unprecedentedly. We search for and experiment with new methods; we are ready for changes and able to continuously improve our work. We are eager to ask questions and challenge each other constructively, as well as seeking additional knowledge regarding work for the utmost benefit for our organization.