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  • Supply Chain Financing Service

    Definition: Supply Chain Financing Service is designed based on business and financing requirement between sponsors and their upstream suppliers and downstream distributors, including supplier financing service and distributor financing service.

    KBank's Supply Chain Financing service is conducted on the K-Supply Chain Finance platform, where all processes from customer ID verification to financing application are conducted online.


    Target Customers: Sponsors' upstream suppliers and downstream distributors


    Supplier Financing Service

    By transfer account receivable to KBank via K-Supply Chain Finance platform, Sponsors' suppliers can obtain financing solutions from KBank.


    Please click below link to access K-Supply Chain Finance platform.


    Distributor Financing Service

    Sponsors' distributors can conveniently obtain working capital loan via mini program of K-Supply Chain Finance platform.


    Please scan the QR code by Wechat to access mini program of K-Supply Chain Finance platform.