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  • Training & Development

    KASIKORNBANK (KBank) regards its employees as its core asset, and "people-oriented" corporate culture has been implemented. We are committed to cultivating excellent talents among employees through systematic improvements of their leadership and management ability. For business development, we offer relevant training courses to suit the needs of business development, including business knowledge training, new product/system training, professional sales skills, professional qualification certification programs, and strengthening risk compliance awareness training. We also require the personnel participating in the courses to pass related tests after training to ensure that our employees achieve the required professional knowledge and skills. At the same time, KBank is committed to cultivating employees' self-learning habits, encouraging employees to improve their work skills through learning, and continuously providing employees with various learning and certificate award programs.

    "Talent" is the core asset for the sustainable development of KBank. We pay close attention to the development of our employees, provide them with diversified training, improve their professional quality, and let them grow together with the bank. We also believe that the growth and development of our employees provides strong support and guarantees that we will be able to achieve our business strategic objectives.