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  • Corporate Call Deposit

    Definition: Call Deposit is a way of deposit in which the corporate customer does not specify the deposit period and can freely choose deposit varieties (one-day call deposit or seven-day call deposit), notify the Bank one or seven days in advance upon withdrawal and specify the withdrawal date and amount.

    Deposit Currency: RMB, USD (seven-day call deposit only)

    Term: No fixed-term

    Interest Rate: According to the corresponding currency announced by the Bank on the withdrawal date, the interest will be calculated with the interest rate of the call deposit at the corresponding level.

    Minimum deposit: RMB 500,000

                                   USD 50,000 (equivalent to RMB 500,000)

    Withdrawal Methods: The call deposit can be withdrawn once or through several transactions;  the minimum withdrawal amount each time is RMB 100,000 or USD10,000 or above. The interest of the withdrawn deposit will be paid together with the principal. The principal and interest of the withdrawn deposit can only be transferred to the current deposit account of the customer, and no cash can be withdrawn. The specific withdrawal methods include:

    1. Full withdrawal of a single deposit

    2. Partial withdrawal