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  • Manager: Branch Corporate Banking Unit (Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen) Resume delivery

    2021-05-13 18:35:55

    1. Establish own industry portfolio, plan the overall strategy to identify the target customers; 

    2. carry out customer due diligence, collect and update relevant information of customers, strictly implement relevant regulations of anti money laundering and anti terrorist financing, timely identify suspicious transactions and complete suspicious transaction report, conduct preliminary analysis on customer qualification; 

    3. Conduct customer contact and visit to understand the demand, including product introduction, customer information collection, contract negotiation and signing, completion of customer loan approval procedures, and follow up the whole process of loan issuance. Conduct background analysis on customers, and use MFA to conduct detailed credit analysis, such as equity structure, industry and downstream customer situation, negative information inquiry, bank credit report, Financial analysis, operation ability, etc; 

    4. Prepare the credit proposal and coordinate the review department to prepare more credit information, and coordinate the customer account opening, loan information preparation, mortgage handling and other related matters; 

    5. Monitor the customer's business performance (after the customer is approved), regularly investigation and review the customer's reputation, fill in the customer risk assessment form, and cooperate with the asset management department for the customer monitoring management and to carry out the customer post loan management, including annual review, irregular review, etc; 

    6. Investigate the banking market, research and introduce feasible banking products; 

    7. Complete other tasks assigned by supervisor