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  • Better me

    What is Better Me? (Personal loan)

    KASIKORNBANK’s “Better Me” helps everyone who wishes to make his or her dream come true by acquiring a personal loan. We provide clients with all-round financial and credit support to meet their demands such as a car purchase, travel, training, education and casual tourism. We uphold our client-centric values and provide clients with considerate personal loan products and services to help them achieve their goals!

    What is an online education loan? (Personal loan)

    Online education loan refers to a personal credit loan granted for education and training courses or professional skill examinations; this type of loan is offered by our bank to individual clients who meet the credit extension criteria and conditions.

    What are the qualifications for acquiring an online education loan? (Personal loan)

    Chinese residents must be aged between 20-60 and have stable legal sources of income, along with the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loans in full as well as having a good credit record.

    How do I apply for an online education loan? (Personal loan)

    You can follow the official account of KASIKORNBANK. Select education loan at the bottom of the page, and you will then enter a pop-up page. Submit your personal information online to apply for the loan. You will receive the loan amount after the loan is approved online.

    What are the channels for repayment of an online education loan? (Personal loan)

    You can transfer your money directly to the card you specified on the education loan page of KASIKORNBANK. It is suggested that your account has enough money one day prior the repayment date of each month.

    Professional training loan:

    "BETTER ME" is a professional training loan from KBank that is different from traditional credit products for educational purposes.

    *In addition to financing your training course fees, we are helping you on your way to success.