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  • Assistant Manager: Branch Corporate Banking Unit (Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen) Resume delivery

    2021-05-13 18:34:49

    1. Responsible for product promoting and industry information gathering, assist Mgr. to contact and visit customers.including product introduction、customer information gathering、contract negotiation and signing. Carry out due diligence research,collect and renew customer's information,strictly implement anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist regulations, identify and report suspicious transactions in a timely manner; 

    2. To conduct customer background analysis , and use MFA to conduct detailed credit analysis, such as ownership structure, status of the industry and upstream and downstream customers, negative information,bank credit report,financial analysis,operation capability and so on,prepare credit recommendations;

     3. Monitor the customer's business performance (after the customer is approved), conduct regular background check and credit review and fill in Customer Risk Assessment Form, cooperate with asset management department to conduct post-loan management, including annual review, irregular review, etc.;

     4. Coordinate COU、TS and BO based on needs,Implement and maintain credit arrangements;

     5. Assist customers to prepare and subit materials ,including change、open and close accounts and other issues; 6. To perform other tasks assigned by the supervisors.