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  • Officer: Banking Operations Unit Resume delivery

    2021-05-13 18:33:39

    1. Daily business data input and review (including documents and core systems), including but not limited to: account opening / maintenance / business cancellation; Outward and inward remittances; Business related to commercial bill discount and rediscount, including bill checking, inquiry, system operation, collection, etc; Open / maintain / cancel online banking service business; 

    2. Review the daily data of the regulatory system, including but not limited to: the data of large amount and suspicious transactions in the PBOC's anti money laundering system, the data of the foreign exchange account and capital account information system of SAFE, and the data of the RMB cross-border collection and payment information management system, etc;

     3. Prepare or review (monthly / ten day / weekly) the reports submitted to the external regulatory entities (such as PBOC, CBIRC, SAFE) and / or the internal banks (such as the head office, branches and other departments) and the research reports or reports temporarily issued to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the submission;

    4. Assist in the formulation and improvement of operation management system and operation process, participate in the implementation and upgrading of core system and other business systems, and continuously improve work efficiency; Check and maintain account opening files and important documents, including but not limited to customer account opening documents, seal cards, bills, etc; 

    5. Keep good communication with external and internal customers and colleagues, respond to customer inquiries timely and accurately; 

    6. Be responsible for the data governance in the business area of the Department to ensure that it meets the system requirements of our bank; 

    7. Manage business line data source to ensure accurate record and timely maintenance, strengthen data source management to ensure that business information is fully, accurately and timely entered into the information system; Complete the self-assessment according to the requirements of operation management department; 

    8. Other work arranged by superior.