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  • Clerk of trade operation Department Resume delivery

    2021-06-09 19:50:13

    1. Complete the basic operation of international settlement business, system entry, preliminary review and data check of relevant business data, including remittance, document business, etc. accurately and timely in accordance with the relevant regulations of international settlement system, so as to ensure the timely completion of each work;

    2. Participate in the trade business system testing, collect the daily operation problems of the trade operating system and put forward optimization suggestions;

    3. Prepare relevant internal reports according to the requirements and submit them to the manager or department head for review, and submit them according to the process;

    4. According to the Department requirements and bank management requirements, sort out and manage the relevant business files;

    5. Daily reconciliation and submit to manager for review, follow up business follow-up, such as scanning daily customer receipt and sending email; 6. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.